We create thoughtful spaces where you can enjoy family, friends, living and entertaining. Whether you are renovating one room in your home, adding on or building new, we can guide you through this exciting and creative journey.


Thoughtful Renovations™

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Whole house or partial

  • Additions: simple to extensive

  • Interior: complete reconfiguration or simple refinishing

  • Exterior: additions, pools, garden and terrace areas, garages

  • Small to grand details

  • Intimate to large-scale projects

  • Design-build

New Construction

New construction projects include both large and small single family homes and commercial projects up to three stories.

I am impressed by your professionalism - THANK YOU for a job well done.
— Phil S.


Several Cornelius Construction Company homes were designed by world-renowned architects William Morgan, Steven Harris, and Norman Askins. Homes have received the Award for Excellence in Architecture given by the American Institute of Architects. 

Cornelius Construction Company has built and renovated homes with Atlanta designer Jackye Lanham, artist Betsy Becton, Atlantic Beach artist Mary Ann Bryan, and well-known Jacksonville designer Jim Howard.


Commercial projects include the Girl Scout House in Neptune Beach, a Veterinary clinic, office buildings, and Sublime Day Spa; as well as Crabapple Tavern, Silos Grill and Cantina Del Mar Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia.

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